Figleaf's Granulation & Filigree pieces are a stunning collection of earrings and necklaces made lovingly by hand using age old jewellery-making techniques.
GRANULATION is an ancient technique used for intricate decoration on fine jewellery. Minute grains or tiny balls of gold or silver are skilfully applied to a surface. This method is thought to have its origins in Sumer 5,000 BC
FILIGREE is a delicate and ancient form of jewellery metalwork using fine wire or twisted metal thread, usually gold or silver, complimenting and combining Granulation work.
Our Master Jeweller uses Granulation and Filigree techniques to recreate beautiful pieces of jewellery from antiquity. An unbroken skill going back thousands of years.
These pieces are stocked in limited numbers but if sold out can be made to order upon your request. The wait time on sold out pieces is 6 weeks. Contact Patricia for more information